Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oh, What a Beautiful Day.....

This was the kind of day that causes almost everyone to remark about its perfection.   The morning was cool and the afternoon heated up, but never became stifling.  At Afton Station, we had the door open and the A/C off all day.  Nineteen travelers came through that open door, some doing major Route 66 trips and others just out for the long Fourth of July weekend.  Here is a sampling of some of those folks. . .
This couple came from Cassville, MO and were our first visitors of the day.
Then came this intrepid bicycle rider from Utica, Michigan who is pedaling his way across Route 66,and a whole lot more.  He started in Michigan and was anticipating a 60-mile leg today.  He was certainly enjoying the coolness of the morning.
These folks are from Shawnee, OK.  I loved his enthusiasm... and his t-shirt.  
Here are a couple of bikers from Palmyra, Indiana.
P.J., our frequent visitor and primo videographer, dropped in to check with me about the scheduling of groups who will be visiting Afton Station in the near future so  he can be here to immortalize them on CD.  I'm sure that the videos he produces will be available right here in the future.

There were also visitors from Sarnia, Canada,  Idabell OK, Fort Wayne IN, Ponca City OK, and Wichita, KS.   Ron M. and Betty were present to do the heavy lifting, a huge help since I'm still not particularly mobile.  Using a walker is kind of a bummer, but I should be rid of it soon.   See  you all on Saturday!

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Susan Yates said...

So glad you're back and blogging. Happy 4th of July.