Sunday, July 6, 2014

At the end of a long weekend. . .

. . . I'm feeling a little tired tonight.  Since I'm still recuperating from my recent ailment, I hope nobody will care if I make this short and sweet.  Our Sunday at Afton Station was very sweet, but not short.  We had another busy day, with people traveling Route 66 for many reasons.  Those who dropped in at the Station included this group of six friends from nearby Langley and Vinita, Oklahoma....
We especially appreciated the bumper stickers on one of their saddlebags.  He is a true roadie!  "Its not the destination, it's the journey" is my very favorite.  "So many roads, so little time" is so very, very true.
This couple from Solon, Ohio arrived via Paris, France.    They were using Route 66 as their preferred pathway to Tulsa, where they will stay all week and enjoy  Tulsa's many, many Mother Road attractions.
Other visitors included folks from Anchorage, Alaska, Chandler OK, Adelaide Australia, Carbondale IL, Perth Australia, and Quinton, OK.  The Adelaide (Australia) couple is embarking on a great adventure.  After three weeks exploring Route 66 and the rest of the U.S., they will end up in New York City where they will board a cruise ship for a 35-day trip back to Australia.

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Anonymous said...

"Other visitors included folks from ...Carbondale IL,..."

Carbondale! The home of Southern Illinois University, my alma mater!