Thursday, July 24, 2014

Calm and Collected, but not so Cool

The weather may be heating up each day, but our day at Afton Station was cool, both temperature wise and visitor wise.  With none of the chaos of last weekend, we were able to kick back and enjoy each and every visitor, and we didn't find the need to turn on the a/c until late in the day.

There were 26 visitors, and they hailed from Colorado Springs CO, Owatonna MN, Grove OK, Jefferson City MO, Jones OK, Hutchinson KS, Joplin MO, Hurst TX,  Phoenix AZ, and Cambridge,England.

I'm in a bit of a hurry this evening, so here are a few photos with little explanation. . .
This wonderfully large family is spending a week at the lake and decided to check out Route 66.  They are from Colorado and Minnesota.  Looks like they're all having a great time with the possible exception of the little guy up front who had no interest in having his photo taken.
 This absolutely beautiful '68 Plymouth GTX belongs to the folks below from Hutchinson, Kansas.  This is their second visit to Afton Station, as they come to the area each year to attend a family reunion.  They said they'd try to drive a different car each year.
That's about it for today, except for something interesting we saw as we (Ron M. and I) drove into town early this morning.   A young Asian man was toting a large cross (with a wheel attached) down the street, his signs indicating that he's making the trek from California to New York.  He was followed by a chase vehicle.  Wow, what a mission he's on!   Good luck to this fellow as he trudges through the heat.


Laurel said...

Rob... Thanks for the heads up on the pictures. I'll have a look at them tonight. I appreciate you posting them and hope you'll make a return trip to Afton Station soon.

Laurel said...

Rob.. I just took a quick look at the photos. Fantastic! I want to spend more time with them tomorrow when I have a bit more time. Thank you!