Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whether the Weather?

This morning, I thought that the weather might be the centerpiece of today's activity at Afton Station.  The predictions were (and still are) dire, but things haven't started happening yet, and I'm at home now.  With warnings of nasty conditions later tonight, I'm pretty nervous right now.  Will I ever get used to this Oklahoma tornado-prone weather?   Today, however, we had a very good day at Afton Station. 

Some of our visitors included this group of 8 photographers from a Tulsa Photography group.  These are serious photographers from Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Kansas.  They swarmed all over the Station with their cameras and I can't wait to see some of their shots. 

We were also visited by Jim and Lynette, a couple with an interesting history.  He is from Anchorage, Alaska and she is from Australia.  Now, however, they have moved to a small farm not far from Afton Station. As newcomers to this area, they plan to raise a few head of cattle and plant a large garden.  
 We also had guests from Liberal KS, Peoria OK, Brandon VT, and Kansas City MO.  The couple from Vermont are actually from the French Riviera but have been living in Vermont for several months and are on their way (via Route 66) to their next home in Las Vegas.  Dave Eames from Kansas City is a return visitor who came bearing gifts for the second time.  The last time he visited, he gave me the neat piece of Route 66 metal art which hangs in our front window.  Today he brought me a beautiful home made "thank you" card with a beautiful message inside which mentioned that he enjoys reading my blog.  Within the card was a pretty spectacular vintage Routed 66 postcard.   If you'd like to see Dave's unique body of work, check:  Thanks, Dave!

There were some strange characters walking about today, including the couple below plus a girl who came in to the Station to ask for a can of pop and when asked where she was from, she said Room 13 (but Area 13 seemed more appropriate, if you get my drift).   Other strange characters were Phil and Robin, who dropped in this morning.  (Just kidding, R and P!)


Dave Eames said...

Thanks Laurel! I always enjoy stopping to see your amazing place. Good luck!

Robert Perry said...

Thanks Laurel!! I was part of the group that stopped in and this was my first time in Afton. Loved it! Such beautiful cars and wonderful friendly people... I will definitely be back.