Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just A Day

I've always liked the looks of a Jaguar, and this '69 E Class is no exception.  It was driven to Afton Station today by its owner, a gentleman from Bailey, Colorado and his friend from Monkey Island, OK.  Both being very avid vintage car lovers, they remained in our showrooms for quite a long time.  We also talked at some length about the fate of the buildings across Route 66 from Afton Station, but I wasn't able to talk them into buying them and saving them from the wrecking ball.  It really is getting very crucial that they are taken over by someone with restoration in his/her heart.  
Ron M. and Marly were both at the Station with me today, and we greeted 8 visitors.  Other than the above mentioned, there were also visitors from Tulsa and Vinita, OK and Minneapolis, MN.  It was a rather ordinary day, but we're gearing up for a weekend which, if the meteorologists can be believed, will be filled with rain and more severe weather.   Why must this happen on weekends??

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Trevor Hilton said...

Cool Jag! I like Jag's too. Datsun used them for inspiration when they designed their 240, 260, and 280 Z's.