Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poor Me!

My job here at Afton Station is such a burden.  All these cute men from Europe keep bothering me when I'm trying to do a crossword puzzle.  I just don't know how I can go on. . .

You don't believe me?   Smart move.   I just love the cute European guys!  Today, I met these two handsome gentlemen from Eindhover, Netherlands who, having just graduated from college, are spending several months traversing the U.S.A., with an emphasis on Route 66.
 These two fine young men from Malleray, Switzerland also dropped by on their way across the Mother Road.  They had to retrace their path by over an hour when one of them realized he'd left his camera at the Station.  I'm so sorry that happened, but I got to see him twice!
And speaking of handsome men, Phil spent the whole day with me and was very helpful as usual.  The remainder of our 12 guests came from Emporia KS, Palm Springs CA, Anaheim CA, Broken Arrow OK, and Spring TX.

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