Saturday, April 7, 2012

Remember the Drought?

Well, it's over!   We  had another day of rain today -- lots of it!  Shortly after Ron M. and I arrived at Afton Station, it got so dark that Ron was able to take a photo of our "ethel" gas pump in which  you can actually see how it lights up.  In full daylight, you can't see the lights at all.  
As it continued to pour rain (with an unusually large amount of thunder), visitors continued to come to the Station.  I was a bit surprised.   Most of our 16 visitors were from within Oklahoma.  Some were making Easter visits to family in the area.  Several were return visitors.   

This couple from Anthony, Kansas brought along their cute Yorkie named J J.   He was probably our most well-behaved canine visitor ever!
The rest of our visitors came from Fontana, MO and the following towns in Oklahoma:  Chelsea, Colcord, Miami, Muskogee, Ramona, and Owasso.  

Robin, Phil, Tattoo Man, and Marly all dropped in at various times.   Robin let me know that she had a good number of visitors when she watched the Station yesterday, some coming from Italy, Texas, and a variety of other states.   She made Tripper ready for Easter by putting on his bunny ears and dressing him in his colorful Easter tie.

We will be open tomorrow and hope to have lots of visitors who come in after church or after an Easter lunch with their families.   In the meantime, a very Happy Easter to all.

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Beth said...

Glad you finally got some rain!

One of the things I'm looking forward to the most in our upcoming trip (besides finally getting to meet you!) is getting my picture taken with Tripper. Two of my favorite things in one: penguins and Route 66!