Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Farmers, Soggy Aussies, and a Pretty Girl

I can almost hear the whoops and hollers of the farmers who must be ecstatic about the heavy rain today and predictions of a lot more for the next several days. Farmers around here were starting to get premonitions of the next Dust Bowl, but that's not going to happen now.

On the other hand, the 47 Aussies who arrived at the door of Afton Station late today were in no way looking forward to the soggy predictions. Dale Butel (a travel guide who has become a friend after three visits to Afton Station with his tour groups) brought 53 people to Route 66 this time, and when they came to the door at 3 p.m. the skies had darkened to the point that it looked like post-sunset. Dale sent the 6 motorcyclists in the group on ahead, thus skipping Afton Station, and that was a wise decision. On my way home to Tulsa right after they left, I met with driving, blinding rain and a good bit of wind. I feel sorry for those folks in their rental cars and bikes driving down unfamiliar roads with almost zero visibility. They were heading for Tulsa too, but fortunately I didn't see any of them along the side of the road.

But I digress. The Aussie visit was short but very satisfactory. Phil and Marly helped with crowd control, and in the rush to beat the rain, the travelers didn't linger long, although I do believe they enjoyed their visit. They bought a good bit of merchandise, including these American-Australian friendship magnets that I made at the last minute this afternoon.
I barely had time to snap any photos of the group, but here's one. Dale is in the back row with the white shirt. The morning, on the other hand, was eerily quiet. No visitors other than "regulars" Betty W., Tatoo Man, Marly, Phil, and Robin.

By the way, here's the photo of the "ghost" of the Palmer Hotel. Scroll back a week or so to see the story. The photographer was kind enough to send me one of the shots. Absolutely gorgeous and haunting, I think. . .

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Trevor Hilton said...

Great picture.

Could be a wet Easter here, but we need the rain badly. Send some our way.