Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Things First

Yesterday, I drove up to Afton after dialysis because the Vintage Car Rally Assoc. (VCRA) was coming to dinner, for the second time in three years. We had hired an outstanding BBQ guy, who incidentally happens to be the generous person who gave us the 1917 Motorcoach on permanent loan. Prior to the VRCA's arrival in their customary array of cool old vehicles adorned with loads of rally stickers, we also greeted 16 other guests, and it was an international day to say the least. They came from Ohio, Spain, France, Helsinki Finland, Melbourne Australia, Juneau AL, and Kansas City, MO.

There were 80 members of the VCRA, and they thoroughly enjoyed the food, the museum, and our Afton Station hospitality. However, it was a very long 18-hour day for me. Thank goodness, Marly, Robin, Phil, David, and Sylvie were all here to help out and be gracious hosts.


Today (Saturday) was another story altogether. It was again a beautiful day, but except for a major outbreak of flies (who chose to remain overnight after participating in last night's barbecue orgy), visitors were few and far between in the morning. It was nice to have both Tattoo Man and Betty Baumann to keep me company. Betty brought a bunch of her new, beautifully hand-crafted merchandise, so be sure to come check it out!

Although there were only 6 visitors by the time Betty and Tattoo left, as so often happens, as soon as they were out the door the visitors started coming. By day's end, I'd greeted 18 folks, who came from Tucson AZ, St. Paul MN, Rome NY, Fayetteville AR, and Vinita, Afton, Ponca City, and Yukon OK. Since I took no photos today, here are a couple more from yesterday's VRCA visit.

And here is a photo I took this morning in Claremore. I wish I could have taken a good picture of what these BNSF engines were pulling. I lost count at about 70 cars, each a flatbed carrying four camouflaged army tanks. They just went on and on, and were all identical. I can't help wonder where they were going, and where so many armored tanks are needed. They were, unfortunately, unphotographable (and NOT because they were camouflaged, silly!)

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MissDazey said...

Our local NBC station here in Springfield, MO did a great special on Route 66 Friday. I thought of you.