Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Friendly, Generous People Everywhere

Yesterday, I started to write a long piece about my discouragement and slight depression over Afton Station in general. Today, I've taken a 180-degree turn. I'd been upset about low numbers of visitors, high gas prices, crummy weather, and some unrest in our Route 66 family. Today, I've taken the time to count my blessings, and I have so, so many. So, you'll never see yesterday's grumpy piece.

Here are some of my blessings:

Have a look at the gorgeous antique cash register we've been given, on permanent loan from one Charlie Johnson of Miller, MO, simply out of the kindness of his heart. (It's made by J.H. Wilson of Dayton, OH in 1905, for any of you cash register enthusiasts.) I couldn't get a good photo of it because it's up against the bright window and too heavy for me to move, so I've added a picture of an identical one I pulled off the internet. Ours is in perfect, working condition. Love it!

More kindness: An older gentleman I met here only a week or so ago has taken it upon himself to search for the missing Muffler Man statue over in Grove. I'd related to him how badly I wanted to buy it until it mysteriously disappeared overnight a while back. So far, he's tracked down people who actually witnessed it being removed, but that as far as he's gotten. However, he came in today to let me know he's determined to work until he solves the mystery.

Marly and Phil are working here today, painting and sealing the floor of the new showroom. I am SO lucky to have those two kind guys here, always willing to help me in any way, at the drop of a hat.


I left Afton a bit early today because there was talk of nasty weather on the way. I think the nastiness never showed up in Afton, nor did it arrive here in Tulsa, now that I'm home. I had a mere 6 visitors prior to leaving: one from Afton, three from N. Bruner MN (on a "gambling trip") and this lovely couple, Stan and Susi, from Stockton, CA. Stan and Susi have done a large amount of Route 66 travel and their knowledge of the Mother Road made it fun to chat with them. They'll be back in May, and I hope to see them again then.


MissDazey said...

Can you tell me the days and hours you are open? We live in Springfield, MO and want to drive to visit your place in May.

My husband worked for Campbell 66 Express in the general office. He likes Route 66 stuff.

my email is lindacrim@gmail.com

Trevor Hilton said...

I've long thought you had one of the coolest cash registers I've ever seen. It's a functional work of art. Not some black plastic appliance.