Friday, October 23, 2009


It's been a long week in many respects, but an excellent one, too. Business has been brisk at Afton Station despite off-season timing and not the best of traveling weather conditions. Add to that the visit from my daughter Sarah and you can see that it's been marvelously intense. Right now, I'm about to take her to a VERY early flight out of Tulsa, since last night's flight was cancelled.

Yesterday was drizzly and gloomy (where have you heard that before?) but it didn't stop us from having a fairly full house at the Station. Aside from the 27 visitors from the Owasso (OK) First Methodist Church, there were others from Lebanon PA, Pingree Grove IL Rock Island IL, Moline IL, Liberal KS, and Rondaberg, Norway. I just loved the Norwegian mother-daughter traveling duo. The daughter was full of laughter and her English was almost 100% perfect -- not even an accent! She attributed this to the fact that English is mandatory in schools in Norway, plus she spent a year working here at the Norwegian pavilion at Disney World. The two were having a great time on their cross-country vacation.
Here are a few pictures snapped by Sarah of the group from Owasso.

The appearance of these two trailer loads of building parts foreshadows the start of the new building out back, which will eventually be a second showroom. David is negotiating now for the pouring of the concrete pad on which it will be built, and upon completion it should hold from 6 to 8 cars.


Trevor Hilton said...

When I was in college, I always liked to meet foreigners, too.

I even married one of them.

I'm glad the tourist season isn't over yet.

Ken Riches said...

A second show room, we look forward to seeing it in 2011.