Friday, October 9, 2009


I just got a report from Tattoo Man, saying that there were 35 people in the tour group at Afton Station today, as well as about 7 other drop-ins. I just want to publicly thank Tattoo and Betty for standing in for me today. I wish I could have been there, but it wasn't to be. I'll be back tomorrow, however.

I'm fascinated by birds on a wire. I saw these today on my way home from dialysis. I've always wondered. . . when they line up like that, do the ones on the top poop on the ones below them? I know, I'm crazy, but I think I'd choose the top wire.

Ron M. took this picture the other day. It's part of what I think I'm going to call his "reflection series". I like it.

I just found the website with the pictures of all the people who attended my high school reunion which, if you must know, was my 45th. I didn't go, never had any intention of going, and shuddered at the very thought of going. Then I saw the pictures. Hey, those people are all OLD! I was afraid that if I went, I'd be the only old one there. I spent about a half hour looking at every picture and comparing them with the pics in the 1964 yearbook. Maybe I should have gone! LOL!
This is a little too close to the truth.

That's all, Folks!

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Beth said...

The cartoon...ouch! LOL

Glad to hear it was a pretty good day! I hope you enjoyed your day off, knowing that Afton Station was in good hands. Hugs, Beth