Friday, October 30, 2009

Crowd in the street

In the poor excuse for poetry I posted here yesterday, I mentioned the "crowds on dusty streets" in Afton. Clearly, that's an image from the past since the streets of Afton are no longer dusty and the closest thing to a crowd there these days is when I have more than a couple of visitors to Afton Station at once. However, here's the photo postcard from the turn of the century that inspired that reference. I suspect, since the people are in their finery, that this was some sort of celebration. It's in front of Livingston's Dry Goods, which no longer exists, but Afton Station is just beyond the vacant lot that used to be Livingston's. A group of Mustangs drivers will be visiting Afton Station tomorrow, and I'll be there with my camera at the ready.

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