Friday, October 2, 2009

Mini-vacation (VERY mini)

Here's the plan. Instead of driving up to Afton tomorrow, coming back home, then driving back up on Sunday as usual, Ron M. and I have decided to take a mini-mini-vacation. It involves getting a couple of rooms at the Afton Route 66 Motel and staying over tomorrow night. Granted, it's not very exciting as vacations go, but at least when we close Afton Station tomorrow there'll be a whole evening to do some exploring of things we've wanted to see in the Afton/Miami area, have a nice dinner out, and rest up from the big motorcycle gig tomorrow. Then, of course, there's the Road Crew concert on Sunday. All this is just to explain why you probably won't hear from me again until Sunday night, unless I decide to drag my laptop along and take advantage of the wifi at the motel. By Sunday, I should have a lot to tell about this big Afton Station weekend.

My main fear is that they might give me that Purple Rose Room at the motel again. :-) On the other hand, I hope they give Ron the Marilyn Monroe room with all the gossimer. It will do him good to suffer! Hee hee!


Beth said...

Noooo, not the purple roses! Auughhh! LOL

Enjoy your weekend and good luck at the station!

Susie said...

Have a great weekend. :)

Ken Riches said...

Mini-Vacations Rock :o)

Ron McCoy said...

Speaking of rocking....Laurel got the ELVIS ROOM at the motel! Thankyouverymuch! LOL!