Thursday, October 15, 2009

It isn't over

Nope, tourist season isn't over, despite my dire predictions. Today was as busy and varied as any I had this summer. It certainly cheered me and gave me hope for at least a few more weeks. So, let me tell you how the day went. . .

Both Rons (Ron M. and Tattoo) were with me today, and both were great helps. David was also around for part of the morning. Our first visitors were at the door when Ron M. and I arrived at Afton Station at a little after 9 a.m. They were a couple from Cleveland, MO. Not long after that, a scheduled tour group from a church in Wagoner, OK arrived. They were all elderly citizens, 14 in all, and it was good that David was there to answer their many questions about the cars.

Folks from Wagoner inspect the Packards

A couple from Aberdeen, Scotland came next, and what a story they had to tell. They, along with another couple, flew into Chicago and rented Harleys for the full Route 66 trip. Somewhere in Missouri both of their motorcycles were rear-ended by a car, destroying the bikes, and causing the other couple to be airlifted to a hospital, where they remain until they recover and the insurance company flies them back to Scotland in the next day or so. The person who hit them left the scene but was later found and is now in custody. Meanwhile, these two people were not as badly hurt and continued on their trip in a rented car. They have lots of bumps and bruises, but decided to complete the trip, with the blessing of their friends who were more badly hurt.
Folks from Scotland check out the merchandise, while leader of Wagoner group looks on

We also had a visit from a couple from Paris, France who knew no English, two men from Grafton and Brighton, Ontario Canada, and a couple from LeFore, TX.

Two guys from Rose, OK kept us laughing. "Curly" (who was, of course, completely bald) had a rather remarkable business card that listed his "Personal Qualifications", including Divorce Counseling, Hair Transplants, Rain Dances, Cock Fights, Bootleg Liquor, Hangover Remedies, Gourmet Cooking, Quelling Riots, and Settling Strikes, among others. It didn't take long for him to admit that all of the above -- every last one of them -- were lies! We liked Curly. He was FUN!
Curly on the left, his friend on the right

Our final guests were Route 66 friends Richard and Suzanne Moeur. They're from Phoenix and are very ardent Route 66 enthusiasts who are raising their young son, Duncan, (about 4 years old, I believe) to be a good roadie by taking him on long road trips every year. They've visited Afton Station before and it was nice to see them near the end of their 2-week + trip.

I got home to find my driveway completely blocked by a new application of concrete by the water company,and I'm so mad I'm spitting nails. They never told me they were blocking off the driveway, and I will need it tomorrow when daughter Sarah and her husband Matt arrive. I'm also not excited about walking down the steep and somewhat long driveway in the dark tomorrow morning when I go to dialysis at 5 a.m. GRRRR!!!!


Ken Riches said...

Glad there is still some life in the air this time of year on the ole route :o)

Beth said...

That's great that you had so many visitors today!

As for the water company, I would politely and firmly let them know that they need to notify their customers so that you can make alternate plans if necessary. FIRMLY. LOL Hugs, Beth

Trevor Hilton said...

Sorry about those tourists who were hurt. I hope the person who hit them then ran off gets the book thrown at them.

I agree with Beth that you should politely, yet firmly, tell the water company not to block your driveway. A baseball bat is good for stressing your point!

I'll pray about your dialysis.

Richard C. Moeur said...

It was great to see you again!

We're still many days behind on writing up our adventures, but when we're done, they'll be up at: