Sunday, October 18, 2009

For Rent

Anybody need an office on Route 66? If so, act fast. After Tommy, from the now-defunct grocery store across the street from Afton Station, has been trying for months to get rid of this lovely old pink bathtub by placing it outside the closed grocery store in hopes that someone will steal it, apparently he decided to try a new tactic. This "OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE" sign appeared in the bathtub, photographed by Ron M. this morning. He doesn't mention whether it includes secretarial services or telecommunication facilities, but I can attest to the fact that there's no WiFi available. And yet.... doing business from a pink bathtub on Route 66 in an almost-ghost town might be a cleansing experience. And I'll bet the rent is dirt cheap!
It was quite busy at the Station today, but Ron M. and I were up to the task of handling the crowds. Actually, although there were lots of visitors, they arrived in a beautifully well-spaced manner, making our job both easy and fun. There were 18 visitors, including those from Joplin MO, Wichita KS, Cleora OK, Milwaukee WI, Spavinaw OK, Sparta MO, Congress AZ, DesMoines IA, and Frankfurt, Germany. Betty stopped in too, and at the end of the day Sarah and Matt came by briefly. They'll be back from David's house in the morning, then Matt flies home tomorrow evening (boo hoo!) and Sarah stays with me until Thursday (yippee!).

"Big Ugly" doesn't look so bad when it has a pretty Packard convertible parked in front of it!


Beth said...

The bathtub office space is hilarious! Glad to hear that Sarah gets to stick around for a few days!

Trevor Hilton said...

Maybe you should get Bob Waldimire to decorate "Ugly" for you.

You can tell a real Red Neck owns that building! Only a Red Neck would use a bathtub, or a toilet, as a sign post!