Saturday, August 1, 2015

August: Ottawa County

The moon isn't really blue, you know, on this Blue Moon Day.  The name actually refers to situation in which there are two full moons in one month.  The next one will be in 2019.  There, a small bit of interesting to  trivia to open this short blog post.  

It wasn't very busy today at Afton Station and nearly everyone was local.  Other than a couple from Aberdeen, S. Dakota, the rest of the travelers weren't far from  home.  They came from Nevada MO, as well as Broken Arrow, Grove, Ketchum, Pawhuska, and Owasso OK.

One of the gentlemen from Tulsa came in his beautifully restored '56 Chevy.
Another group from Tulsa came on their Harleys.   It happened to be a beautiful day for bikers.
Tattoo Man came on his 3-wheeled Stallion and as usual, it drew a lot of interest.Betty also stopped in and we're always so glad to have her here.

Friend PJ the photographer came by and brought me a brand new Sony camera! He had an "extra", completely unused, and as soon as I familiarize myself with the instruction manual, you will see a decidedly improved quality of the images here.  Just wait and see.  What a nice gift!

Robin has made some beautiful jewelry which she will be selling from the Station.  Photos will follow in a day or two.  We have also restocked our t-shirts, really neat Route 66 ball caps, big 3x5 Route 66 flags in two designs, and an array of great do-rags.  Of course we also have the usual guide books, maps, and many other goodies.   We're open tomorrow.  Come see  us.


zerry ht said...

Your Ottawa County trip sounds very interesting. It would be great if you could share some more photos!! You know dear we are also making plans for a road trip to LA on my brother’s birthday. We would like to host surprise party too at one of the best LA venues for parties. I am sure he’ll like the surprise!!

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