Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hello From

Postcards, both new and old, generally have a picture along with the words "Hello From....". In the 125+ years that postcards have been a popular way of communicating, I'm pretty sure there are "Welcome From" postcards from every big city, small hamlet, national park, and foreign country in the world.   Today was a "Welcome From" day at Afton Station, with folks from everywhere.

For example. . .
. . . these three ladies, from Vancouver British Columbia, Salina KS, and New Zealand studied a Blue Swallow pamphlet.  What better way to bring nations together than to share stories about an iconic Route 66 mom 'n pop motels?
And how about this group?  They're from Russia, the Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The Russian couple has been to Afton before and on their last visit we made the acquaintance of their cute puppy Chili.

 Meet this big family from Jennings, Oklahoma.  Their little boy was so well-behaved that I gave him all the beanie babies which we weren't able to sell at the Garage Sale.   I believe that made him a happy little guy.
You've met Tiffany and James before.   They're some of the most ardent Route 66 fans around.  On their way home from the Route 66 festival in Springfield, MO today, they stopped by to say hello again.  Their knowledge of Route 66 is already amazing and they continue to learn.
Father and son from Chicago came by to admire the car collection.  Dad is making sure that his son understands the beauty of true vintage vehicles.   
These two retirees from Aurora, IL are enjoying their free time by taking an unhurried trip down Route 66. Sigh.  I'm jealous.

Others came from Elk City OK, Peoria OK, Evanston IL, Denton TX, Richmond KY, Oslo Norway, Salina KS, and Sycamore KS.

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