Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Magazine Day

What's a Magazine Day?  At Afton Station, t's  a day when the crowds aren't exactly beating down the door so there's plenty of time to pare down those piles of unread magazines we keep on hand for slow moments.

Our reading was happily interrupted today by 19 visitors, and oh, how glad were we to see them.  They came from Tyler TX, Batesville AR, Antioch CA, Lake Havasu AR, Noel MO, Walker LA, Hammond LA, Springfield LA, and Barcelona, Spain.
This gentleman is from Tyler, Texas.
This couple is from Lake Havasu, Arizona.

I didn't even take many photos today.  I would have taken a picture of the four handsome young people from Barcelona, Spain but I accidentally let them slip past me.  And now I'm tired  Sorry for the brief blog, but just think of it this way - now you have more time to read magazines.

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