Saturday, August 15, 2015

Do-It-Yourself Blog Post

Add these up :
  A very slow computer
  Many photos
  Extreme exhaustion

That's what I'm faced with tonight as I sit here trying to make sense of the chicken scratchings (also known as notes) I made today at this gloriously busy day at Afton Station.   Even with the help of Ron M. and Joe Meeks, I never really got it completely together.  I need help from YOU, too!  Thanks to a wonderfully well-attended poker run using the Station as one of the stops for the participants, and lots of others taking advantage of one of the first non-broiling days of the summer, we were swamped.   Oh, also, to add to the fun, there was no water in Afton today.   Twenty-six hours with no water whatsoever due to a main break out in the country.  We couldn't offer our beautiful clean restrooms to the crowd of visitors.   (The water came back on at 2 p.m. today, shortly before we left.)

Ok, enough complaining.  Instead, I'll dump these photos  here, mostly without captions, and ask Ron or Joe to let me know if they can add captions to those which I've been unable to identify. Also, if you visited the Station today and find your photo here, please let me know and I'll caption that, too.  I know I'm being lazy but I.... AM..... TIRED!

 The committee overseeing the poker run, which was participated in by almost 100 people in classic cars, hot rods, motorcycles, etc.

 Gorgeous '37 Ford woodie

 His 22-year-old daughter, serving in the military in Korea at the moment, is a Packard fan!  Wow, most interesting.  I can't wait to meet her when she comes home.
President and V.P. of Corvette Cruisers from Carthage, MO.  Their club is planning a visit to Afton Station soon.
 Paris, France
 Melbourne, Australia
 Lyon, France

Visitors today came from Chicago IL, Houston TX, Carthage MO, Alma AR, Champagne IL.  Paris France, Melbourne Australia, Lyon France,  Springdale AR, Denver CO, Bella Vista AR, and Langley, Monkey Island, Wyandot, Coweta, and Tulsa, OK.  At last count, we  had  between 50 and 60 visitors, but we know we missed a lot of them.

What a great group!

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