Sunday, September 25, 2011


Oh dear, I find myself rushing again! I just finished a long phone chat with my daughter, so I can't think of a better way to get behind schedule. :-)

It was a serendipitous day at Afton Station. Ron M. was with me again as was Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones, and the 29 visitors started to arrive almost as soon as we did. This pup named Gabby from Oklahoma City is doing a short OK Route 66 trip accompanied by his person, a very nice man. Although Gabby is obviously good at posing for pictures, he wasn't as serene as a visitor. He got so overly excited that eventually his owner had to take him back to the car. Cute doggie!

This fellow from Cape Town, South Africa is traversing Route 66 on his motorcycle -- very distinguished gentleman with a lot of thoughtful commentary on his journey thus far.
Friend and photographer Michael Scruggs dropped in with his mandolin and his banjo. He tried to encourage me to play, but I failed miserably. There are a few photos of me trying out my musical non-talent, but the pictures of me are as bad as my playing so you won't be seeing them. Michael also regaled us with stories about his job, as "pastor" at a walk-in wedding chapel down the road in Miami, OK. I think I've decided what my next job should be!
Other visitors came from Aukland, New Zealand, Ava MO, Kansas City MO, Ft. Scott KS, Pleasanton KS, Granby MO, Allen TX, Joplin MO, and Carl Junction MO. The expected group from the Czech Republic never arrived. I wonder what happened to them???

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