Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Groovy Tuesday (or: My Camera Picked a Fine Day to Quit)

Today we set a new "personal best" at Afton Station, with a grand total of 95 (!) visitors! I was basically alone facing the crowd today. David and Marly were there, but they were in the back working on a vehicle. The day began with a visit from 50 motorcycle riders in Rodger Fox's annual Run for the Relay. They ride Route 66 each year in support of cancer research. The group continues to grow annually, and they come to see us every year. They're a friendly group with some fine rigs, so of course this was when my camera decided to sit down on the job. By good fortune and total serendipity, frequent visitor and friend P.J. just happened to show up with his video camera and tripod, and moments ago he sent me this great video of the occasion.

A group of 22 New Zealanders driving Mustang convertibles were next, a pleasant surprise. I love the Kiwis. It seems like every day is a party for them.

There were also the 23 other visitors not with groups. They came from Broomfield CO, Pryor OK, Las Vegas NV, Fern Creek KY, St. Charles MO, Blue Ash OH, San Antonio TX, Neptune NJ, Lincoln AR, Ft. Scott KS, Union NJ, Deptford NJ, and Fairland OK. Dean "Crazy Legs" Walker also visited for a while. He was accompanying the Ride for the Relay folks.

Here are a couple of photos I took before my camera imploded. This is my one picture of some of the participants in the Ride for the Relay.

The shaved ice stand next to Afton Station is now "Closed for the Season". It's barely been open at all this summer. That doesn't sound like much of a business plan to me. I had hoped for a summer of yummy sno cones and an increase in visitors because of shared customers. Never happened.

My friend Frank Gierhart from Sapulpa, OK surprised me with a great gift. He owns a frame shop, and on Sunday he brought me this beautifully framed copy of the article about me that appeared in the Tulsa World last week. What an extraordinary surprise gift! Thank you, Frank!

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