Thursday, September 1, 2011

Preparing for the Weekend

It's going to be a long weekend for us at Afton Station, and tonight I'm getting prepared for it. The good news is that visits from the Mayor and some other town workers today has assured me that the town itself is behind our Clean Up effort. The town workers have, collectively, donated cases of bottled water and lots of snacks. The Mayor brought us 10 spray cans of red paint and a chart showing where all the fire hydrants in town are located, along with permission to paint them. Many townspeople have been contacted to get permission to clean up their properties. Others have already started cleaning up their own.

Meanwhile, the visitors keep coming to Afton Station. I was alone there today, but it wasn't a problem. Our Distance Award goes to this couple from Arbrouth, Scotland. This is their second visit to Route 66 in three years, and he told me that one of the first things he does every day when he's back home is to sign on to Ron Warnick's fine Route 66 News site to keep up with the latest Mother Road happenings. In fact, so do I! This gorgeous woody truck was driven by a visitor from Inola, OK. He took some nice photos of it in front of the Station. This is truly a perfectly restored vehicle. I want it!Other visitors came from Dallas TX, Carrollton TX, Hampstead MO, Weatherford TX, Victoria, British Columbia, Bartlesville OK, Ozark MO, and Vandalia MO.

Love this sign, which is near the site of the soon-to-be erected Ribbon Road monument, just a mile from Afton Station. The spelling leaves much to be desired, but I like it for that very reason.

I probably won't be back here in Blogging Land until Sunday night. Come on up to Afton on Saturday and pitch in to help us clean up Route 66. Free food! Fun! Oh. . . probably a good bit of hard work, too.

I snapped this pic on my way back into Tulsa this evening. I don't know why, except I never stop loving the Tulsa skyline.

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Jean said...

Great feature in Tulsa World. Good luck this weekend.