Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello, Beautiful Day!

Indeed, the sunrise greeted me in a lovely way as I drove to Afton this morning. It seems that sunrises over Route 66 are beautiful more days than not. Or maybe it's just my rosy attitude. I'm on Route 66! I'm heading to Afton! What could be nicer?

It was a very quiet day at Afton Station. Tattoo Man came in early to pick up the camera he'd forgotten on Saturday and I took the opportunity to photograph his newest tattoo of the sign at the about-to-be-restored Boots Motel in Carthage, MO.

Marly and Phil were with me for most of the day, too. Visitors were quite sparse, however. Early in the morning we were visited by two couples from Volkel, The Netherlands. Later a couple from Camano Island, Washington dropped in. After a long dry spell of a couple of hours, near closing Betty W. came for a visit and, finally, a gentleman from Joplin MO arrived on a motorcycle. And that wraps up my whole day. Short but sweet!

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