Saturday, September 17, 2011

One out of two ain't bad (I guess). . .

Only one of the two anticipated tour groups showed up today at Afton Station, but there were plenty of other visitors who did drop in. Our visiting group was a caravan of 17 vintage cars and hot rods from the Heartbeat of the Ozarks Classic Car Club from Northwest Arkansas. They braved strong thunderstorms, tons of lightning, and torrential rain to get there, and for that I applaud them. It's good to see folks with such nice cars not getting upset about driving in inclement weather. Good for you, guys!

Love this bit of car humor!

One of the Arkansas shoppers.

The second anticipated group was a bit "iffy" right from the start. We waited until after 3:30 but the busload of 70+ British tourists never arrived. We had only been alerted to their visit this morning, but I asked them to call if they'd be arriving later than 3, which they didn't. They may have been delayed by the storms. I was remiss in not getting their contact phone number so I could track their progress. I'm so sorry we missed them.

The rest of our visitors came from Turin Italy, Norfolk Engand, Vinita OK, Bentonville AR, Bartlesville OK, Roland IA, Pryor OK, and Hudson MA.

Ron M. and Marly were with me all day (in fact, Ron took all the above photos), and Phil and Robin dropped in for a while. We are all thrilled by the rain and cooler temperatures. At last! Even our flooded streets didn't bother us. By the end of the day, the sun had come out and the water had receded.

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