Friday, May 13, 2011

There are days, it seems. . .

. . . when the roster doesn't show great numbers of visitors, but there's activity all day. Enough to make me tired! I'm home now, and watching the weather since a big, vicious storm is implanted directly over Afton, according to Dan, my favorite local weatherman.

We had 12 visitors today, and eight of them were German tourists on Harleys who drove right past Afton Station and down to the convenience store to get gas. Ron M. went outside and waved to them, indicating they missed the best (and virtually ONLY) good Route 66 attraction in the town. So, they walked back a block and came for a visit. Not all of them, but eight of the probably 12 in the group. Thanks, Ron M.!

The lovely gentleman from Miller, MO who donated the antique cash register to us stopped in for a visit and told me about an interesting vintage motorhome parked near where he lives. I just might need to make a little trip up there one of these days! Another man, who said he was from New Jersey but wasn't very forthcoming with other info, stopped by and perused the cars.

Our final visitors were a couple from Shelbyville, KY who are doing Route 66 the right way. They have their guidebooks, their motorhome, and a huge load of enthusiasm for everything they've seen or plan to see as they make their way to Santa Monica. They were fun to talk to and brightened the day for us. The husband makes miniature models of gas stations, and I hope I planted the idea in his mind that I'd love to have one of Afton Station!! Other bright spots of the day were visits from Betty W., and several hours with Phil, who hung out with us for much of the morning. Phil has also donated a framed enlargement of an amusing photo of an early car (circa 1910) that has been in a wreck. I'm sure it wasn't amusing for the guy who lost his beautiful "flivver", but ... well, you have to see it to understand.

Blogger, which is my blog host (I think that's the term) was down for most of yesterday and this morning, so this blog post is pretty late. Bet you didn't even notice! LOL!


Susan Yates said...

I did notice there was no posting yesterday and was just a little worried that you'd become discouraged because there haven't been comments on some of your recent days. It crossed my mind the other day that I should at least indicate I've read a day even when I don't have a thing to contribute--other than to say thanks for faithfully writing this, Laurel.

Laurel said...

You're so sweet to worry when I don't get many comments on the blog. If the truth be told, I actually get a lot more comments in private email than here in the Comments section. In any case, I feel unsettled if I can't post at least a little something for each day I'm in Afton. Sometimes, when I get home too late or too tired, I dash through it and the result is usually slipshod, but at least I write something!