Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get Your Clicks. . . Public Service Announcement!

This Friday, Oklahoma Highway Patrol will be holding a "Get Your Clicks on Route 66" seat belt crackdown all along Route 66 in the state. There will be checkpoints all along the Mother Road from border to border. They'll also be checking child safety seats. So, heads up! I feel sure that none of my friends are stupid enough to drive without wearing a seatbelt, but just in case. . .

Details here from the Edmond Sun . . .

Law enforcement officers from more than 50 Oklahoma agencies are teaming up Friday to crack down on seat belt violators along Oklahoma’s “Mother Road.”The 24-hour crackdown begins at midnight, with the theme of “Get Your ‘Clicks’ on Route 66.” High-visibility enforcement will take place from border to border on Oklahoma’s 400 miles of Route 66, with saturation patrols and checkpoints at various points across the state.

This is the fourth of an ongoing series of crackdowns scheduled at least once per quarter along Route 66. The mobilization will include representatives from sheriff’s offices, municipal police departments, tribal agencies and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.“We’re looking forward to another great event,” said OHP Lt. Garrett Vowell, who organized the program. “This is one way of bringing Oklahoma’s seat belt law to everyone’s attention on a regular basis, and that’s a good thing. We want all drivers and passengers to be as safe as possible.”

Vowell said officers also will be watching for child passenger seat violations and educating drivers about appropriate child restraints.Oklahoma’s law requires all drivers and front-seat passengers to wear safety belts. The driver also is responsible for ensuring that children age 12 and under are restrained in accordance with Oklahoma’s child passenger safety laws.“We want everyone to buckle up — every trip, every time, day and night, all across the state,” Vowell said, “and if drivers forget, we will be there to remind them that seat belts save lives.”

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Lulu said...

I have mixed emotions on wearing seat belts.
I am old school. I know that wearing seat belts can save and have saved lives!
I also realize that many babies have been saved by being in the back seat in baby carriers.
I can understand the baby stuff. That is a good thing, as appossed
to me sleeping in the back window on a road trip, or riding in the back of a pick-up truck on the ledge,{ What were our parents thinking? LOL}
Fighting with my little brother because we both wanted to stand on the little hump in the back seat of the car? So we could see out the window, Transmission stuff.
The thing that I have a problem with.
I have a big problem with this issue. It should be MY choice, if I want to wear a seat belt or not.
I have an issue with, what if I fell off a bridge? Can I get out?
Then my other issue, is that all these towns are making money on this.
Another question here, and it happens in IL as well. Why do the cops give a head's up? If you want to bust a lot of people? Why do they tell the public that is going to happen.
I am not trying to start any arguments here.
Just an observation? Anyone else here?
My cynical self is saying, just another Money maker for the state.
Got busted about 10 years ago with no seatbelt, near Springfield, IL the cop took my money right on the spot! Go figure!