Sunday, May 8, 2011

Short but chaotic day

I only remained at Afton Station until 1:30 today since I had to be back in Tulsa for an important interview. But more on that later. Robin took over for me after I left, but up until that point I had visited with 13 visitors. Michael O'Keefe from Long Beach, CA came by as he does at least once a year during his road trips to Eureka Springs, AR. Tattoo Man stopped in on his way home from his weekend at the Bob Waldmire event in Pontiac, IL. The other visitors were from Pelon Spain, Paris France, Coweta OK, Newcastle Upon Tyne England, Soldotna Alaska, and Vinita, OK. Quite an interesting and varied group of travelers!

This couple from Alaska are on a pre-wedding honeymoon. They're doing Route 66, and then driving up to Las Vegas for a marriage ceremony in a small chapel with an Elvis impersonator officiating. What a hoot! On my way through Vinita this morning, I noted the opening of a new restaurant next to the old Vinita Hotel. It's called the Cooked Goose Cafe and it looks really cute.

Short and sweet tonight, but I got home late and I'm rushing. More tomorrow.


Scott said...

Our stop at Afton Station has been one of the highlights of our trip thus far! Ron "Tattoo Man" went the extra mile to make our visit memorable. This is definately a must stop for anyone traveling Route 66.

Scott and Jeri - the couple from Soldotna, Alaska, on their way to be married.

Laurel said...

So glad you wrote. I hope you're trip is going well! Again, best wishes on your upcoming marriage. I'd love to see some photos of the Elvis impersonator doing the service!