Sunday, May 22, 2011

C. C. Ryder

"I said C.,

C. C. Rider
Oh see, what you have done
(Yea yea yea). . ."

I'll bet most of you remember that song, but I'll bet you haven't met C C in person! We had the pleasure at Afton Station today when two intrepid motorcycle riders from Keene, NH stopped in with their rescued beagle C C Ryder! This has to be the cutest doggie we've hosted at the Station, but then who can resist a pooch that gets her Route 66 kicks by riding in a basket cantilevered behind his owner's BMW cycle. Her other owner, the husband, has a nice rig as well. CC rides with goggles and a helmet, of course. Safety first, even for canines!

This isn't just a short hop for this threesome, either. They're on the road for 3 months! Great folks with a super CC whom, they say, is a perfect traveling companion.

We didn't have much business today, and I can't explain why. It was a lovely day for the most part, although those on bikes complained of major wind.

This couple is from Paris, France and are traveling Route 66 from start to finish. In the background is Richard, our new friend from Afton. He is recovering from a terrible accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury, and we welcome him to the Station any time he cares to walk down and visit.Our only other visitor was a frequent drop-in from Bartlesville who was out for a pleasant ride. Other than the strong wind trying to toss him right off his motorcycle, he was enjoying the one day a week when he doesn't work. Always glad to have him stop in, too.

Ron M. was with me today, and Betty stopped by as well. We were able to sit outside for much of the morning. Nice!


Anonymous said...

came on here to see a picture of my husband. he was so excited that he was going to be on here but i didnt see his picture and i seen the comment that was made about him. he is from bartesville. he stops in there often so maybe it will be on there another time. thanks kathy burton wife of micheal burton from bartlesville.

Ken Riches said...

so cute :o)

Laurel said...

Because there was too much light behind him, the picture made him just look like a dark blob, so I decided not to post it. I couldn't even lighten it enough to make it decent. It's always cool to have him visit, so next time I'll be a better photographer. He definitely deserves more than a dark blob!!

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