Saturday, May 21, 2011

Puppies, Babies, Lovebirds

A cute puppy, an adorable baby, newlyweds in love -- the way to a reader's heart!

Today, allow me to present some of each.

Among our 20 visitors today were . . .this cute puppy who followed a group of local Afton kids into the Station late in the day. He refused a doggie biscuit but didn't mind posing for this photo. . .
. . . and these two from Exeter, NH are taking their honeymoon trip on Route 66. They have been married one short week!
. . . and this couple from Afton biked into the Station. Baby Emily Lou had a nice ride on dad's back on a perfect day for a bicycle jaunt.
Here's Emily Lou up close. Really a beautiful child!
There were others, of course. They came from Odessa MO, Vinita OK, Alta Loma CA, Miami OK, Punta Gorda FL, and Parsons KS. Ron M. and Tattoo Man were also on hand, Tattoo Man sporting -- you guessed it -- a new tattoo! That makes 90-something. Frankly, I've lost count.

I've had more time to read Jim Hinckley's new book "Ghost Towns of Route 66" and I become more and more enthusiastic about it each time I pick it up. The photos are magnificent, and of course Jim's deep research and his way with words puts the icing on a very beautiful cake. I hope many of you will consider buying a copy, available at Barnes and Noble, or at the 2011 Route 66 Festival in Amarillo in June. If you're a true Route 66 fan, you need this in your collection!


Trevor Hilton said...

I hope I can find that book. Sounds interesting. Hopefully, Afton will realize what they have to offer and find out how to capitalize on it.

Bev (and Charlie too) said...

My husband and I had a blast visiting your station (great pic of us) and the Route 66 Honeymoon Roadtrip was successful. After three weeks in a car together we are still married (so many commented about being with together in a car for 3 wks) We had the time of our lives on our awesome honeymoon!!
Love and Hugs from the Newlyweds from Exeter, NH (5/21/11 blog)