Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Past -- 1978

As I write this, I have no idea if you will be able to enlarge the article below. Without being able to read it, this will be a useless post -- but then again, since it's just a bit of my own personal nostalgia and has absolutely nothing to do with Route 66, maybe you won't care.

Anticipating the unusual Thanksgiving I'm planning for later today, my thoughts went back to years ago when David and I were a young married couple, Sarah was a very small child, and we always celebrated the holiday in an almost over-the-top unusual (and yet traditional) way. (If you can't read this article, let me know and I'll type it up this evening, but I believe that double clicking the article should do the trick.)



Ken Riches said...

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Spread today :o)

Ron McCoy said...

Love the article and pictures!

I clicked on the article which opened it in a new window. Then I zoomed the screen to 150%.

DennyG said...

On this special day, I'm sure that Sarah can’t help but be thankful for having learned to produce her own clothes even though cleaning up after the sheep can sometimes be a downer.

Cool article and cooler pictures.

Laurel said...

Denny, you made my day, comedically speaking! Yes, I was indeed the Martha Stewart of the Old World, but Sarah didn't grow up TOO damaged from her mother's obsessions, unless refusal to wear wool or eat store-bought butter counts.

Tim said...

That's awesome, Laurel! Glad to see you've always been a history buff. :)