Sunday, November 28, 2010

Round on the Ends, Flat in the Middle

For a winter Sunday at Afton Station, this day was not atypical. I wasn't expecting crowds, but I was lucky to have a few great visitors. They came at the beginning of the day and the end of the day. The middle of the day was flat, but since I was alone today, I got some much needed tasks finished; most importantly, I got my Christmas card envelopes addressed and stamped. It's a start.

Early in the day, I was visited by a family of four from Mustang, OK who were returning from a partial Route 66 trip through Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The teen age boys were serious about photographing all of the vehicles, and the father was particularly interested in the old cars, since he's having one restored right now.

At the end of the day, a young man named Rich Dinkel from St. Louis, MO stopped in. He has embarked on a full, Chicago to L.A. Route 66 trip. It's not his first, and I know it won't be his last. He's 100% committed to the Mother Road, has done scads of research, and has even given his vehicle the "Route 66 treatment". Check out the hood, which is now an autograph book for those he meets along the way. On this trip, Rich is planning to drive every driveable alignment, and will walk or bike those he can't drive.


Early this morning, I drove past my favorite doll store in Claremore to see if they'd decorated their Christmas window yet. They had. Here are some of their "kids" waiting for Santa. I've never been much of a doll appreciator, but I do like what these people at the Doll Castle do.


Ken Riches said...

So, did you sign the car?

Laurel said...

Absolutely, Ken! That's my signature at the lower left in the photo.