Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Another gorgeous sunrise today.
After a mere one day on my Afton Station winter schedule, I was feeling Route 66 withdrawals, so I took a ride out west of Tulsa to take a look at the new Route 66 Station Park in Red Fork. That's the site of the 154-foot tall replica of an oil derrick and now, after a dedication ceremony there last weekend, a sapling from the Council Oak in Tulsa. Creek Council Tree Site Buildings in the National Register of Historic Places Tulsa Preservation Commission Eventually, a steam locomotive, passenger car, and caboose will be moved there. Read about it at: Rally for the railroad Tulsa World. I love trains, oil derricks, and of course Route 66, so all of this sounds like a really fun addition to the Mother Road. The derrick is quite impressive.

This is a large shield shaped piece of concrete. I'm assuming it will be a sign when it's completed

The sapling is less impressive. It's only about 4 ft. tall and since it's autumn, the leaves are all brown and falling. Given the proper care, I'm hoping it will thrive in the little park.

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