Saturday, November 6, 2010

A BIG Little Day

This will be a short post because I'm leaving for a party soon. A party! Yes, me! It's been a while.

It wasn't a busy day at Afton Station. Although the guest register shows only seven guests, three of them were my wonderful Route 66 friends who were passing through on their way up to Lebanon, MO for the grand re-lighting of the refurbished Munger Moss Motel sign. Wish I could have gone with them, because it sounds like it will be quite a gathering.

Jerry "McJerry" McClanahan arrived first. As most of you know, he's an acclaimed Route 66 artist and also the writer of the amazing EZ66 Guide, the guidebook of choice for most Mother Road travelers. Jerry, whose gallery is in Chandler, OK is always fun to have around. He was so busy taking pictures that I forgot to take any of him! He was especially interested in taking photos of Betty W. who was with me at the time. I see an article about Betty in American Road Magazine in the future!

Later, Jim Ross and Shellee Graham from Arcadia, OK stopped by, also on their way to the same Munger Moss party. They, too, spent a lot of time taking photos. Shellee is a professional photographer, so it was understandable. Jim is the author of the Guidebook to Oklahoma Route 66, and he and Shellee together authored Roadside U.S.A., both excellent books. Shellee and Jim

The only other visitors today came from Osceola KS, and Kansas City, MO. They were a mother and father and two adult daughters, exploring Route 66 together as a family. Very nice.

Marly, Phil, and Robin are still working on the new showroom, and they were there today despite the below freezing temperatures in the morning. Yes, it was COLD today! The fields have gone from green to gold to brown, and farmers are clearing the stubble. Who stole my summer? Is it my imagination, or were even the cows shivering this morning?

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