Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Reasonably Quiet Saturday in November

I can't believe I hadn't been to Afton Station for a whole week until I got there today. I don't really know what I was expecting, but I brought along a lot of Christmas catalogs to peruse if we had no visitors at all. Ron M. came with me, Tattoo Man came for a while, and so did Betty W. In the morning, to keep busy, Ron M. and I embarked on a project. I won't say any more about it right now, but here's a photo we took during our thinking process. If it works out, you'll be hearing more about it later.

We did have guests today, and almost all of them were long-distance Route 66 travelers. Yes, they're still out there. It's a shame that so many places close completely in the winter, because some of them indicated their disappointment. I am part of the problem, since I'm only open weekends now, but I also recognize that all shop/museum owners deserve a break after a long and busy summer.

Our visitors today came from Quebec Canada, Springfield MO, and Albuquerque NM, along with two little girls from just down the block in Afton. The Albuquerque folks were celebrating with a Route 66 trip, since both of them had turned 66 years old, and were married in 1966 on Route 66 in Albuquerque. That's a lot of "66s"!! Congratulations to them!

Shannon Richardson, an Amarillo photographer, sent me this amazing poster he made when passing through Afton on a rainy evening. You can read about his work here. About - Route 66 American Icon. Thanks so much to Shannon. I can't wait to see your book!

From his website: "Shannon Richardson is based in Amarillo, Texas. He has been photographing commercial / advertising work for the past 14 years. His photography has been featured in the Graphis Photo Annual 2001, JPG Magazine and Shots. Over the last 5 years he has made multiple road trips documenting Route 66. The black and white photographs from this project capture the atmosphere and essence of the road's famed past and present. "


Trevor Hilton said...

I don't believe in numerology, buuuuut.....

I was born in 1966 and my first vehicle was a 1966 Chevrolet C-10 pick-up.

Beth said...

What a great shot of Afton! Beautiful!