Sunday, October 31, 2010


I put out a basket of candy at Afton Station today, but we were too lazy to bother with costumes. The Twizzlers turned out to be the most popular choice. I like the Mounds bars, but I'm not allowed to eat chocolate any more, so it's Twizzlers for me, too.
The day began with a pretty sunrise. Ron M. came with me to the Station today. He's still willing to hang out with us, despite the fact that he was in a movie yesterday. His stardom hasn't affected him too much. . . yet! In fact, the movie star even unclogged my toilet today, proving he's still a man of the people. Watch out for a movie called "The Lamp" which apparently will be out in the spring. Look for Ron in the dining room scene.

I'm babbling because I don't have that much to tell you today. There were only 7 visitors, most local. They came from Monett MO, and Monkey Island, Wagoner, and Vinita OK. Robin stopped in to show us her video of last night's visit to the famous Route 66 Spooklight, over near Joplin, MO. She and Phil and Marly and Sue drove over there and sat in the car until almost 4 a.m. Tomorrow I'll try to post their video here. Until then, you'll just have to wait in great anticipation. I've never seen the Spooklight myself, so I'm sorry I wasn't able to go with them. You can read about the Spooklight here. The Spooklight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here's Robin showing the folks from Monett, MO her video of the Spooklight on her laptop.The clouds were strange today, very pretty and very unusual. All in all, it was a lovely day. I won't be back at Afton Station until Thursday, but Robin has decided she'd like to work on Tuesday, so we'll be open on Election Day after all. I hope some of you can drive up and pay a visit. Happy Halloween!!!

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