Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet My Maker

My magnet maker, I mean. I was so bored during a lull this morning at Afton Station that I took a picture of my magnet making machine. It seems that every single day I have to make some new magnets. They sell like hotcakes! As a result, I've become intimately involved with my magnet machine, and I freely confess my love for it. :-) The orange thing resting on it is my fly swatter, which is another object of my affection. Both items were used repeatedly all summer, and I feel somewhat torn between them.

The boredom ended as guests began to arrive. Here's a very sweet little girl who was visiting with her parents from Bartlesville, OK. The family is exploring Oklahoma Route 66 on this trip, and have done other segments in past years.
Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones greeted guests with me today, and David, Marly, and Kenny were present all day as well, working on David's big motorhome and creating general mayhem.

There were 15 visitors in all, and they hailed from Sand Springs OK, Salinas CA, Fairland OK, Tulsa OK, Blairsville GA, Pickrell NE, and Oklahoma City, OK.

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