Sunday, October 17, 2010

In Defense of My Iced Mocha Latte

In rereading some of my old blog posts, I've noticed the overuse of words such as beautiful, wonderful, and amazing. Despite this, make no mistake about it -- I'm not always Little Mary Sunshine. Far from it. I have my bad days, and when I do, it can be quite obvious to those around me. But I also have certain ways to sublimate my occasional dark moods. Today, I used the old, time-honored self-sabotage method. I drank a Sonic Iced Mocha Latte, also known as poison to a person with non-functional kidneys. First of all, it's fluid. . . extra fluid . . . above and beyond the thimbleful of water I'm permitted each day. And then, it contained chocolate, which is full of forbidden phosphorus. And, I didn't even realize when I ordered it that it also comes with whipped cream, the consumption of which is a near-death experience for the renally challenged.

Oh, I'm allowed to cheat every now and then, but this is most certainly my big "Cheat of the Month". I'm SO, SO, SO sick of eggs, white toast, and meat, meat, meat (gotta keep up my protein and albumin) that I could just scream. A girl's got to fall off the wagon every now and then, and a rotten mood seems like a good excuse.

There are other things that make me want to scream too, and I was thinking about them on the way to Afton Station this morning, which is probably why I wheeled into Sonic and decided to do myself in via pure deliciousness. Want to hear some of my gripes? Once I get them out, I'll get back to my day at the Station.

1) FLIES! Flies love mocha lattes and those who drink them. I'm a nature lover, but all flies must die!

2) POUTING: If you have a gripe, just get it out on the table, please! Why do you pout? Are you afraid I might have a valid argument and you'll be proven wrong or silly or weak? Hey, that happens to everyone, you know. Pouting, as opposed to confrontation, IS weakness!

3) INTOLERANCE: The run-up to the upcoming election is an intolerance festival. The attack ads are enough to make me want to drink a half dozen mocha lattes in rapid succession. Can't we learn to rejoice in our differences? In my case, my friends who are "different" from me are some of the nicest, kindest people I know. Those whose uneducated, perceived anti-everything agendas are the personification of intolerance. They get neither my respect nor my vote. BTW, again this time, I plan to vote for intelligence, not dogma or put-downs.

4) SUPER EGO: Got any friends who yammer constantly about themselves and their accomplishments and have never once inquired about your life or interests? 'Nuf said.

5) LACK OF RESPECT FOR AGE: No, not just for old people, but for old things. Nobody admires the new and modern as much as I do, but not at the price we pay when we disrespect the old. Old buildings are my main interest. I'd like to see as many of them as possible stick around for a while. The juxtaposition of the new and the old is a beautiful thing. So stop ripping down our old heritage, 'ya hear?!

Oh, you came here to hear about Afton Station, didn't you? Oops, I seem to have run off the tracks. Must be the caffeine. Sorry, back to the subject at hand. It's still morning here in Afton, and no guests yet. Tattoo Man is due soon, fresh from yesterday's Admiral Twin Drive-In fundraising event. can't wait to hear how that went. So far, there's little activity in Afton save for the guy across the street continuing to take away trailerloads of debris from the collapsed building. He's quite the work horse!

I'm home now, having had a very good day at the Station. Tattoo Man was there, and Betty W. came after church and stayed all afternoon. There were also 22 visitors from the following places: Miami OK, Langley OK, Lake Geneva WI, Fontana CA, Hamilton Ontario Canada, Springdale AR, Bixby OK, and Muskogee OK.

The vintage Chevy station wagon on the trailer below is being hauled back to Wisconsin by a couple who, passing through Vinita, saw it and bought it on the spot. They were on their way home from a Route 66 trip out west, saw it on the side of the road, and couldn't resist buying it! I happen to know the guy who was selling it, and I'm so glad the deal was made.
The gentleman from Muskogee has been here before, and this time he brought his friend who is visiting from California. She was delightful, and loved, loved, loved the cars! Two guys from Canada were on motorcycles and, with only 10 days to travel, made it as far as Santa Fe and were on their way home. I found this to be a very fulfilling day, and I'm even still alive after that morning latte!


Trevor Hilton said...

One thing I've learned in my 44 years is; One can live to be 100 by doing nothing to make one WANT to live to be 100.

"In my case, my friends who are "different" from me are some of the nicest, kindest people I know."

Do you mean ME?

" BTW, again this time, I plan to vote for intelligence, not dogma or put-downs."

So that means you'll vote for Mary Fallin?

I vote for political philosophy, character, AND intelligence.

Laurel said...

Trevor - Yes, you're one of my friends who is different from me in several ways and yet whom I still like and respect. This, however, does not mean I'll vote for Mary Fallin. LOL!