Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hey, Ron!

Ok, Mr. Ron M. -- when did you steal my camera and take this picture? And what is it? And where is it? LOL! Ron M. knows he has my permission to use my camera any time he wants while we're at Afton Station, and he has a habit of roaming around looking for interesting things to shoot. But this one, which I just found on my SD card, beats them all. So come on, Ron. . . where did you find this lovely scene in beautiful downtown Afton? Confess!

The rest of our day at Afton Station, although slow, was by no means in the toilet. This friendly and extremely Route 66-savvy couple from Fairfield, OH spent quite a good bit of time with us as we discussed all aspects of the Mother Road, particularly all the neat people they've met along the way. We agreed that they are a perfect example of how others should hit the road -- having obtained the right guide books and actually studying them in advance. As a result of their preparation, they have met all the iconic people along the route, and have managed to find every obscure alignment in each state they've visited. Nice going, guys!
Although there were only 8 visitors today, we never felt bored. We liked the folks from Champaign IL, Cleora OK, Tulsa OK, and St. Louis, MO.

David and Marly pulled the old red Packard out of a storage building and started to make some repairs to it in preparation for selling it to a lady who visited Afton Station this summer and expressed an interest in it at that time. We know it's going to a good home with a collector who has a true love for Packards.


Trevor Hilton said...

Uh, Laurel. Looks as if it's about time to clean your bathroom.

And, perhaps you should put a sign in there telling them that beer cans just don't flush worth a, well, you know!

Laurel said...

I never was much of a housekeeper! :-)