Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rent a COW to ride?

What's wrong with this picture? :-)

Shouldn't it say "Rent a COW to Ride"? These cows came down to see us as we passed the horse pasture on Route 66 just outside of Tulsa. Ron M. and I were on our way to Afton this morning and snapped this pic. I don't think they were particularly interested in being ridden.

It was another encouraging day at Afton Station, with seven visitors. Although our visitor count won't equal that of last February, it wasn't terrible considering the unbelievably bad weather all month. Today, some folks came from Bernice OK, Joplin MO, Kansas City MO and Grove, OK. One gentleman brought in an interesting metal coin from a Studebaker/Pierce Arrow dealer, probably from the 30s, but I couldn't identify it. Another arrived in a very slick '68 Corvair convertible. I sold lots of merchandise today, and that always a little icing on the cake.

Our friend Josh from Fayetteville, AR came and brought some more of his wife's fabulous hand-made soap, this time sporting really nice Route 66 labeling. I plan to sell them and I feel sure they'll be popular items at Afton Station. And they smell so goooood! They make the whole Station smell less like 75 years of stale grease and more like a spice shop.... nice!

We put out the '65 Chevy convertible today, in order to shamelessly attract people to the Station. It worked pretty well, but we also had a lot of folks stop to look at the car but then drive on without coming in. Ron took this picture of the slick interior.

Then he wandered down the street and took this photo of the backs of a couple of Afton's less picturesque buildings, or what's left of them.

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