Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ok, enough of this!

I refuse to get discouraged by the lack of visitors to Afton Station lately. For a while, I worried and fretted and couldn't understand it. But the other day I looked back at my blog posts for exactly this time last year and realized that the dearth of travelers must be due to the weather. Last year at this time, I had daffodils up and blooming in my yard, and we were walking around with short sleeves. This year, everything is still brown, it's downright cold, and now they're talking about a bit of snow again tonight. No wonder nobody is traveling! So far, I've had exactly half the number of visitors as this time last year. I still feel, however, that we'll have a record-breaking year as soon as the weather breaks.

Oh, by the way, we had NO visitors today... again! Ron M. and I sat around all day and finally went home at around 1:30. The place is so clean and organized now that there isn't even that much to keep us busy. Well, not quite.... I guess we could have waxed the floors or something, but I guess we were just lazy.

I tried another new place in Tulsa for breakfast this morning. The Corner Cafe has been a long-time fixture at the corner of Route 66 and Peoria Ave., but they just opened a new branch near Ron M.'s house, so I stopped there on the way to pick him up. I was enticed by their newly installed neon. I'm a sucker for nice neon!

Breakfast was ok. It's hard to wreck eggs. The atmosphere is typical diner/cafe and so is the menu. Very basic. There's a "liar's table" in the corner, the gathering place for about a half dozen elderly men in ball caps. I was the only other customer at 6 a.m. I'll try it again some time, but there are other spots I enjoy more, I think.

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