Thursday, February 11, 2010

Major Twiddling of Thumbs

Yeah, Ron M. and I had plenty of time to twiddle our thumbs today at Afton Station. Seems not too many people were cruising the Mother Road on this chilly, cloudy day. Our entire visitor roster consisted of one -- yes, ONE -- visitor, a truck driver who said he passes the Station frequently but finally had time to stop today. He was from Alton, Illinois.

The boredom was broken briefly by a visit from David, who brought two gifts. One is the divided tray I asked him to buy for me. I've been madly making and stockpiling small stickers to sell when "the season" begins. This new tray will keep them divided and will help to keep little hands from shuffling them.
David also bought a new popcorn machine for the Station. It will replace the old, big one. It can sit on the small fridge and free up a bit of space for more displays. We tested the new one, and it works just fine. Anybody want to buy an old popcorn machine? It's for sale. And if you're in the neighborhood, come on in for a bag of freshly popped corn!

Ron cleaned and slightly rearranged the counter area, and it sure looks nice now. What did I do? Not much! I was just a lazybones today. Waiting for visitors who never came was my main activity.


Ken Riches said...

Love the organizer. We look forward to some popcorn in 2011 :o)

Unknown said...

So very glad to read you had a visitor in this winter type weather - the BEST THING is, he was from my old home town, Alton, IL.

Maybe he will get the word out that the "ROAD" is still alive, be it in Illinois or any of the other seven states.

Laurel said...

Bob... What he needs to do is let the truckers know we welcome them for a visit. I get tons of tourists but not so many truckers -maybe one a week. We have about 75 trucks per hour pass the Station, but very few stop.