Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our Garage "Garage Sale"

What better place for a garage sale than a garage?   And what better way to offer to the public some of the many Route 66-related items that we have accumulated over the years, many of them duplicates?    Since we really weren't expecting a lot of visitors today, this seemed like the perfect time to make it happen.  So we did!
Ron M. and I spent the morning sorting, cleaning, and pricing the "stuff" on this table.  It's cheap and in most cases unused.   We have Route 66 games, magnets, mugs, models, pictures, and various miscellaneous goodies.   Come and take advantage before it's all gone!

As predicted, it wasn't a huge day today.  Although the weather was still fairly warm, it was cloudy and windy most of the day and Sunday mornings never are busy anyway.   But we did have some visitors, and they were from afar.  This young couple from the Canary Islands, Spain are traveling all of Route 66.   (Extra credit if you can tell me how the Canary Islands got their name.  It's a bit surprising.)
And this couple, traveling from South Bend, Indiana, was most interested in the cars, particularly Studebakers.  The gentleman worked for Studebaker for years, owned many Studes, and even now volunteers at the Studebaker Museum in South Bend.
Our only other visitors were friend PJ and his wife Judy.   PJ is our "official" videographer and came from his home in Tulsa to check if we had a good winter.  We were pleased to say we had.

And thus our quiet but productive day came to an end.  Just remember, we're open full time now, so please consider a visit.


Mike said...

The Canary Islands have nothing to do with birds. It comes from canaris, meaning dogs. There are a number of different ideas how the islands got their name, ranging from seals being mistaken for dogs, or a group of early inhabitants who worshipped dogs.

Laurel said...

You win, Mike!