Sunday, March 29, 2015


Sometimes, especially on early spring days when we haven't quite hit our stride with travelers arriving every moment of the day, we  have some down time.  Do I spend that time dusting the display cabinets, scrubbing the filthy floor, buffing the cars?   Of course not, Silly!    What do I  and others do as we sit around waiting for guests?   Magazines!

Magazines!   Sometimes Afton Station looks like a physician's waiting room -- except that our magazines are kept up to date.  Between Ron, Betty, me, and others we amass quite a collection of reading material each week, and it's an eclectic collection to say the least.    Martha Stewart Living,  Entertainment, Cowboys and Indians, The Atlantic,  The New Yorker,  Prevention......   not to mention catalogs ..... seed catalogs, houseware catalogs, cruise catalogs, and one of my favorites, that catalog that features stuff for the elderly -- walkers, walk-in bathtubs, things in which to wrap your swollen legs, etc..   Also, there are the periodicals that actually belong at Afton Station -- the Packard Cormorant, Hemmings Motor News, the monthly publications of all of the state Route 66 Associations. . .  it goes on and on forever.  Believe me, we are never without appropriate literary stimulation!

We had scant little time for reading today, although we weren't completely inundated with visitors.  Those who did come came from Lancaster CA, Claremore OK, Ripon WI, and Rockford IL.   This foursome from California arrived in a sleek new motor home which they are delivering to a dealer in California.  They picked it up where it was manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana and are getting a "free ride" (plus gas money) to see that it arrives intact.  What a cool, inexpensive way to travel Route 66.  They are enjoying it immensely, too.   One of the gentlemen is a collector of VW buses, so he was particularly interested in our 1917 motor home.

The lady from Claremore OK is in the process of opening a shop in that town and was interested in seeing what kinds of Route 66 merchandise we sell.  We were happy to help her with some suggestions.  With Claremore being so close, I suppose we could consider her a business rival, but there are no rivals on Route 66.   We all believe in helping one another.  The other visitors were legitimately traveling Route 66 and enjoying the sights along the way.

Well, I'll sign off now.  Maybe there's time to read a magazine before bedtime.   :-)