Thursday, March 5, 2015

Let's Go!

Let's go!   Let's get this show on the road!  Unsavory weather is supposed to move out in a few days, which to me signals time to spring into action at Afton Station.  We will be open this weekend and if it seems favorable, we will continue to be open for regular spring/summer hours thereafter.  Robin and Sue are chomping at the bit to get back to work, and so am I.  Ron M., too.  Take advantage of a beautiful weekend and jump into the car or on the motorcycle and do a little Route 66 cruising.  I recommend it highly!

There will be a few changes at the Station this season.   For one thing, I plan to set up a "Garage Sale" table which will contain Route 66 items of all sorts.  Memorabilia or souvenirs, new or  used, these are items I unearthed as I cleaned and organized my home closets this winter.  I had no idea how many duplicate items I'd amassed, mostly kind gifts from friends or, in some cases, obtained on Ebay.  The price of the stuff on this table will be "Cheap". 

I also now have the most incredibly wonderful tote bags for sale.  I've owned one for two years, used it every single day, beat the heck out of it, and it's still nearly perfect.   Hand made by a master crafter, every stitch of these Route 66-themed bags is perfect.  They're made from Route 66 fabric and have one outer pocket, six inner pockets, and a reinforced bottom.  They won't be cheap, but they shouldn't be.  I now have only two available, one large and one small, but am able to take orders for more.  
 Phil is back temporarily from his six months in California tending to his aging mother, and he's eager to spend some time at the Station during the month  he is home.  

Tentative plans are forming for a "Monument Clean Up" day, which will be co-sponsored by Afton Station and the Oklahoma Route 66 Association.  The land around the Ribbon Road monument which we erected 4 years ago is beginning to look a little shabby.  Further info will be forthcoming, but for now I can just say it will include some painting, raking, mowing, planting and cleaning (and refreshments too, of course!)  More on this later.

See you Saturday.  We'll  heat up the popcorn machine!

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