Sunday, March 22, 2015

Music Coming to Afton Staton Again Soon

Two days in a row of getting home very late doesn't make for a very well-thought-out blog post, so forgive me if I just spew it all out right here with no frills or fluff.  It was a big day and I guess I'm not used to it yet.  I'm tired, but it's a good tired.

Here's Cool Breeze, a local band that came today to ask if they might take some publicity photos among our old cars.  The answer was "of course!", and we've even started preliminary plans to allow them play this spring at the Station, as soon as the weather becomes more predictable.   So, look for announcement of a free concert soon.
These Kansas City folks are hitting the road head-on, as they travel parts of Route 66 with a ton of enthusiasm and pre-study.
Five awfully cute guys from Portugal stopped in, too.  I took the opportunity to photograph several of them.
"Like my new do rag?"

 "I think I'll just stand here and look gorgeous."
Ron M. gave one of the Portugese guys some much-appreciated advice about traversing Oklahoma on Route 66.
This shiny red '66 Chrysler 300 was driven by a couple from Chelsea, OK.  It sure looked good in front of the Station!

There were 29 visitors in all today.  Others came from Miami OK, Hutchinson KS, Kenosha WI, Seneca MO, Oklahoma City OK, and Houston TX.

Have you seen the latest travel information guide published by the State of Oklahoma? The cover is a work of art....tooled leather reproduced very realistically on embossed cover board.    These books are free from  the Oklahoma Department of Tourism.

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