Saturday, March 28, 2015


Sometimes I like to just sit back and observe the drift of humanity down Route 66.   They come for their very specific motivations, and no two motivations are ever exactly alike.  They stretch from people who have impressively well-planned itineraries and insist on militantly following them to those who just start out to take a little spring drive and find themselves on Route 66 with no particular knowledge or plan for their free  hours.  There's no bad way to cruise Route 66.

We had some of each today.  The day had a slow lilt to it -- no stress, no strain, quiet, enjoyable.  Fourteen visitors came through our doors,  including a short visit from Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones and his wife Roz.  Tattoo had a trike accident recently and he was just getting his bike back from the fixer today.  He has also recovered from the bruises and bumps he received from the crash.  We are very happy about that.

Here are the visitors from far and near. . .
 This couple came from Broken Arrow, OK.  He's a "car guy" who has visited Afton Station previously and just wanted another look.
Four jolly Brits from London who are drifting each day with no special  plan for their lodging each night.  I like that!  Our foreign visitors have usually planned ahead carefully and thus are on schedules which can't be broken.   These folks just drive as far as they please and then stop for the evening.  They have three weeks to drift and plan to get to Santa Monica, the Grand Canyon, and San Francisco.
They did allow plenty of time to admire our car collection, and were particularly enchanted by our Citroen.  I'm sure they see plenty of them in Europe, but perhaps coming across one in the U.S. was the charm.
Just out for a day trip was this couple from Tulsa.
And this interesting pair arrived shortly before closing time.   They both grew up in Afton and knew one another in high school.  Then, just a month ago, they  reacquainted via Facebook's Afton OK Fan Page and began what seems to be a lovely relationship.  Today, they came back to Afton to see what's left of their childhood.   It's unfortunate that we weren't able to give them better news, since Afton is crumbling all around  us.  When they left the Station, they planned to cruise around town and share some old memories. 

Other "drifters" came from Pittsburg KS and Shawnee OK.    Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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