Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Pie! The Pie!

The center of attention at Afton Station today was a pie.   Here's the story.  First of all, Ron M. was not with us today as he's under the weather.  However, Joe Meeks had previously planned to accompany us to the Station today and despite frigid temps and the absence of Ron, he was eager to go anyway.  That made me very happy.  The last time Joe was at the Station, he mentioned to Betty how much he loves pie.  Betty said she'd make one for him.  So, today was pie day.  Shortly after we arrived, Betty walked in with a huge,gorgeous lemon meringue pie in hand.  Both Tattoo Man and Robin had also stopped in by that time, so all of us tackled that gorgeous pie with gusto.
Through all this gluttony, we also greeted seven visitors.  They came from Bella Vista AR, Shantilly WA, Wenatchu WA, Atkins IA, Garrison IA, and Afton.
These two gentlemen from Washington State are in the area for some football games but wanted to explore Route 66, too.  The guys from Bella Vista, AR were also on their way to Saturday college football games but couldn't resist popping in to the Station, too.

Unfortunately, we will be closed tomorrow.  There are predictions of unfavorable weather, and with Ron M. sick I don't really want to open up alone.  We weren't expecting much in the way of traffic anyway, so I'm taking a day off.  I do apologize if I've spoiled anyone's plans.  Remember, we will be open Tues., Fri., Sat., and Sun. of next week.

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Forest Hazel said...

Just to let you know, we did a review of Afton Station back in August after we visited, and today Tripadvisor finally put it up. I hope to get some photos up today. We enjoyed our travels along the Mother Road, and you all were a big part of that.
The Hazels
Mebane, NC