Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Crew

Nate (left) and Justin, two of the boys who came to visit yesterday, came back today and asked to do chores around the Station on a volunteer basis.  They are 7th graders at Afton School and are both smart, mature, and funny.  So of course we "hired" them!  I hope we'll be able to teach them a bit about Route 66 if they hang around Afton Station a lot.   Ron M. and I were happy to have them around today because they entertained us on a day that was in dire need of entertainment.  Other than Betty, who dropped in for a while, we only had four visitors today, two from Nixa, Missouri and two from Tulsa, OK.
This couple from Tulsa was taking a short weekend trip on Route 66 to celebrate their 2nd anniversary.  They seemed to be having a great time and their appreciation of each other was palpable. The other visitors, whose photos I did not get, were also taking a weekend trip to explore the Oklahoma segment of Route 66.
Justin and Nate didn't just sit around and entertain us today.  They also did some real work, the most appreciated of which was cleaning out the little cubby hole behind the outdoor bathroom.  It collects anything the wind sees fit to blow into it, and over the years has attained quite a bunch of rotten stuff.  The guys cleaned it out perfectly, then continued by sweeping one of the showrooms and our driveway.   The blowing autumn leaves didn't have a chance!

Linda from the Blue Whale down in Catoosa called today and we  had a rather lengthy discussion about what to do in regard to altering the hours of our attractions as winter descends upon us.  We both agreed that we'd stay open full time for at least the next two weeks, then begin to pare down our open hours as the number of visitors plummets.  So, if  you want to visit either Afton Station or the Blue Whale, try to make your visit soon.  Otherwise, call ahead to Afton Station to be sure we're open or to make arrangements for us to open to accommodate your visit, if possible..   918-382-9465


Anonymous said...

Did they sign the log in the geocache? I need to get up there soon to look at the logbook.

Laurel said...

I didn't look, but I assume they signed. The placement of the cache is much more accessible now, so come on up and have a look!