Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pecans, etc.

Ron M. and I (and Betty too, for a while) shivered our way through the day at Afton Station.  I'm far too stubborn to admit that winter is here and that the temp was 32 degrees this morning as we set off down Route 66.   Fortunately, there was at least one couple who didn't let the weather stop them today.  They are from the beautiful and temperate beach community of Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina, and yet they have chosen to travel Route 66 for the next couple of weeks.
The best guests are those who are excited about their adventure, and that description fit this couple to a T.  They did plenty of planning before starting out in Springfield, MO and intending to go all the way to Arizona.  A little frigid weather won't stop them.

They were our only guests today.  We posted the winter hours on the door, and that  seals the deal.
Starting next week, we will be open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will no longer be open on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday until further notice.  Hours and days will be reduced even more as the winter goes on, and I intend to be closed for most of December and January.  Of course, I will try to accommodate any requests for special openings, especially for groups.   Please call ahead for that -- 918-382-9465.  

There's another new business in Afton.  It's a rather big one, too!  Miller Pecan Co. built a new building down the road from which they will process pecans (which are plentiful in this area), and will sell pecan products as well as some other goodies -- jams, jellies, etc.  This business is worth a visit and you can find out more about it on their Facebook page -- Miller Pecan Co.

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Nice looking new business in Afton! That's great news.